How I Became An Expert on Executives

The Life of a CEO Do you ever wonder what it is like to be the CEO of a major company? The day to day lives of the rich and powerful is something that a lot of people are interested in. There are several reasons that people find the lives of these people so interesting. Of course, many company leaders have accumulated a large amount of wealth for themselves. Though they are quite rich, the power that the CEOs hold is often of the most interest to others. Some people believe that if they can follow the same actions as other CEOs, they will themselves become CEOs one day. If you have dreams of becoming a CEO one day, keep reading to learn more about how you can make that happen. All the CEOs in the world have one thing in common; their time is very valuable. Since their time is so valuable, it does not make sense for it to be wasted with unnecessary minutia. For this reason, there are other people in the company which are dedicated to handling these errands for the CEO. You may have guessed already that these people are often called executive or perhaps, administrative, assistants. Sometimes, the CEO has only one assistant, but that assistant has the job of assigning overflow tasks to others. Though, CEOs do have the privilege of delegating some of their minor work to others, they still have quite a bit to do each day. Even though many of the minor meetings can be attended by a subordinate, there are still plenty of meetings for CEOs to attend each day. A number of these meetings are internal, such as with department leaders, but a lot of them are also for the purpose of gaining new clients or keeping old ones. New clients do not want to see an assistant, but instead, the want to meet with the highest ranking members of a company.
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Other gatherings of people, which are not considered meetings in the usual sense, also take up a great deal of a CEOs daily routine. People do not have to be in the same physical or temporal space in order to “meet” with each other. This includes phone calls and emails, which are often the bane of a CEOs existence.
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Though CEOs usually make quite a bit of money, the working hours of a CEO are pretty much non-stop. First thing in the morning, last moment at night, and every minute in between is filled with emails and phone calls. In fact, many CEOs never get to experience a true vacation during their tenure. When you are CEO, anything that happens within your company is your fault.Thus, you have zero time for yourself and very little for your family. But in truth, many CEOs enjoy this kind of work. Working in this manner is how they came to become CEO of a company. Otherwise, they would not have become CEOs.

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